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So after a lot longer break than expected, we are now reopening in five days! So very excited for you to see the new store, new products, and an increased attention to shipping speed and quality products! We have been experimenting with different essential oils, clays, and luxurious salts to give you a product providing the most luxurious bath experience. All bath products are made in house and contain only the highest quality ingredients and essential oils. 

Here's a quick picture tour of what's going on and what you can expect for the first few weeks open. I'll be creating a coupon code for a discount off your first purchase as a reward for being our first customers. New items will be available periodically, especially as my stock begins to sell out. Here's some of my favorites in stock right now!

silver heart wine stopper

copper colored tiny hearttreble clef necklaceheart shaped locketcopper cursive love wine stopperkung fu small teapot and two cups

There are more than these, but these are our favorites right now. 

Remember to check back again for more news and products for sale...Don't forget...Re-opening day is on Friday the 25th of this month! I do accept some in person appointments, but online orders are always available. Shipping turnaround from order date to shipping out will be less than 30 hours and tracking information will always be provided. For my local customers, feel free to reach out via my email and I will schedule a meeting date and time to pick up merchandise purchased.

Thank you so much for your business and I look forward to serving you! 

Tami Nieto

Owner of Fantastic Finds Boutique

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